Scientists estimate that millions of men in America have Low Testosterone. Most are unaware that the condition even exists, and believe their weight gain, lack of interest in sex or low energy levels, even symptoms of depression - are just part of ageing. At The Refinery we specialize in treating men with these symptoms. It is common for most physicians to treat the symptoms by prescribing medication for each of the issues a patient is having. At The Refinery we believe in treating the cause. 


Treatment at The Refinery

1. Call and schedule an appointment to find out if you are a candidate for testosterone therapy. Our professional clinical staff is available 6 days a week to answer any questions you may have regarding treatment, but office visits are by appointment only so be sure to call in and arrange a time that works best for you.

2. Labs and physical. Once the labs have been drawn we will receive test results in just 24 hours. This can be completed at our location or at any Labcorp location across the United States. If the test indicates your testosterone levels are below the threshold set by our physician for treatment and there are n additional medical complications we can begin the treatment process.

3. Depending on your levels, but typically patients will either visit our clinic every 7 days to receive an injection or  administer the injections themselves, also every 7 days. This is designed to boost and stabilize your testosterone levels. Patients will also be taking Anastrozole. This is a small pill used to prevent the aromatase from testosterone to estrogen. Some men tend to need more pills than others so the dosage varies per patient. At The Refinery we also believe in the preservation of what you already have. For that, we prescribe HCG. The HCG is used to help stimulate the bodies natural productions of testosterone and also will help maintain the size of the patients testicles. 

4. If you are uncomfortable with injections or have to travel for extended periods, we also offer a cream that is over 3 times as strong as the leading brand name prescription gel.


What to expect after treatment

You will most likely notice certain changes within 2 to 3 weeks including more frequent/stronger erections and increased libido. Additional changes will occur soon after such as increased strength, improvement in mood, more energy and clarity.

As part of your treatment program, you will receive quarterly blood tests that can be collected at our clinic or at any LabCorp location across the United States. This is  to monitor your treatment progress and  make sure all of your levels are within our target range.


The Doctor's TV Show Discusses Low Testosterone

Dr. David Stork discusses how testosterone plays an important role in energy levels, memory, mood and muscle mass vs. fat mass. Find out how to tell if you are low on testosterone and how to maintain a healthy level. 


What is Testosterone?


Testosterone is a hormone made by your body.  It travels through your bloodstream affecting the organs and tissues in your body, including your brain, muscles, fat, bones and sexual organs. Most testosterone is produced by the testes, the reproductive glands that produce sperm. 


Symptoms of Low Testosterone

  • Erectile dysfunction (weak erections, fewer erections)                        
  • Low interest in sex
  • Depression and loss of motivation
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle weakness
  • Anxiety 
  • Insomnia
  • Weight gain, particularly around waist


Low testosterone is a common medical syndrome with an estimated 22 million men showing symptoms across the U.S. 


Causes of Low Testosterone

It's natural for men to lose testosterone as they age, however testosterone levels can fall below normal levels. A level below 300 ng/dL is generally considered to be low. Low Testosterone occurs when there is a cell communication problem between the brain and testes which causes a drop in the amount of testosterone being produced. In some cases, the brain thinks there is too much testosterone in the body and it will tell the testes to stop producing it. In other cases, your body can't produce enough testosterone due to  a defect in the testes. 



Testosterone and your Body


  • Sexual Health Testosterone is essential for proper erectile function. It will increase the quality of erections and enhance your sex drive, which are important to enjoying a normal life.
  • Fitness Creates New Muscle Mass and builds Strength.
  • Fact: Belly Fat Makes you Fat: Fat contains aromates, enzymes that convert testosterone into estrogens, the main sex hormone in women. Having extra estrogens in your body triggers the body to slow the production of testosterone. The less testosterone you make, the more belly fat you have and the more estrogen you make.


Testosterone Therapy at The Refinery has literally changed my quality of life. I have more energy, I’m stronger, less aches and pains and most of all, my wife is extremely happy.
— Brandon E. Cook

Watch Video to Learn about Low T

Surprising Fact about Low Testosterone & Money

According to a recent study, researchers found that men who are traders get a testosterone spike on days when they make above average profits, suggesting a cause and effect relationship.