Prescription Appetite Suppressants

Our current best medication for appetite and hunger suppression is a combination therapy using 2 prescription medications as a combination in 4 different strengths. The two medications (Phentermine and Fluoxitine) have long records of safety having been used by 10's of millions of American patients over many years of usage.

As no two patients are the same and do not respond exactly the same to medication and treatment, our usual practice is to start with the strength that gives the best results for most patients and then adjust the strength or dosage up or down as the patient feels works best for him or her.

When you aren't hungry it is much easier to stick to all diet plans, and as you lose weight you are more motivated to go to the gym and exercise. The feedback loop works extremely well and weight loss can be quick and permanent.


A Solution that Works

Losing the pounds and keeping them off can be one of the most difficult challenges for your body — especially, if it means you have to control your appetite. With approximately 155 million Americans over the age of 20 classified as overweight or obese, watching your diet is imperative and also a nation-wide problem, reports the American Heart Association (AHA). Phentermine, the anti-obesity drug, is a doctor-prescribed diet pill that is viewed as the antidote for overweight or obesity by helping to suppress hunger. The amphetamine-like pill is only recommended for use by those that have a significantly higher body mass index (BMI) than the normal range for their age and height.


How Phentermine Works

This weight loss drug is classified as an anorectic — an agent that diminishes a person's appetite. Phentermine stimulates the release of brain chemicals that will manipulate your mind to curb your appetite, so you feel full and eat less. Your calorie intake can be minimized by the drug's ability to reduce the absorption of things like starch and fat by the body, so they are not metabolized. The slimming drug is used alongside a diet and exercise program specifically designed for you by your doctor to keep the pounds off. The diet pill should also be an addition to an overall weight-loss plan if you're several pounds above your normal target weight, says Mayo Clinic.